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by | Jul 14, 2010 | Gifts, Greeting Cards

Discover Delightful Drawn on Ceramics

Esther Coombs ‘Drawn on Ceramics’ range has become a new force in the world of Ceramics, becoming a huge hit at craft shows and in glossy magazines. The images on today’s post are a few examples of the collection (and as a bonus a few of Esther’s greetings cards).

drawn on ceramics

The range begins with Esther collecting discarded ceramic pieces at car boot sales and in charity shops. These vintage pieces are rewritten with a new story, through the application of Esther’s quirky illustrations. With their new features the items are ‘Up-Cycled’ into a new form; creating practical, yet decorative items such as tea sets or cake stands (as shown above).

drawn on ceramics

By combining vintage ceramics pieces with modern illustration gives each piece a unique feel, which in turn makes them a unique gift. By creating something new and beautiful from neglected pieces Esther is creating a gift for the Eco-Conscious. Even the packaging is sourced to be recyclable or compostable, with minimal impact of the environment.

esther coombs greeting cards

Esther has a wide selection of ceramics at a variety of price ranges, to see more and buy items take a look at theĀ  Esther Coombs website.

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