Eve & Fox Give Jewellery Wonderful Whimsy

by | Dec 2, 2009 | Gifts

eve & fox necklaces

Wonderfully Whimsical Jewellery for Every Day

After the shiny card picks of yesterday’s post, I felt compelled to carry on the theme just a little longer.  As December kicks in and Christmas approaches the gravitational pull towards all things sparkly and shiny is just too great. Naturally this puts us into the clutches of the jewellery designers, luring us in with their glossy wares.

Eve & Fox is a brand new company, launched a few short months ago at the Harrogate Home & Gift fare. Since then they have been delighting buyers with their beautiful handmade jewellery.  A delightful twist of whimsical  elements and feminine style. With pretty hearts, delicate flowers, floaty wings and some good old fashioned Parisian chic there is sure to be something to make any girl happy.

As an exciting new brand, chief designer Kath has lots of surprises and new creations lined up for Eve & Fox so it’s worth keeping a watchful eye on them. Their design studio is practically on my doorstep in Leicester, England, so I’ll be sure to keep to my blogging duties and post on anything irresistible. My favourite of the current range is this cute spotty red heart, with floral heart and mini wings.  A cool and quirky design that has a great contemporary feel.

The current necklace designs retail under £30, making them an affordable present even in these credit crunchy times. They’re available to trade customers as well as individuals and are selling like good old hotcakes.  If Leicester is a bit far for you to travel, you can buy and find out more about these gorgeous necklaces online from Eve & Fox and also at Kath’s boutique Niche Store.

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