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Send a Special Message with Family Christmas Cards.

For your special relations you need special greetings cards; you need family Christmas cards. Today’s hand-picked selection of festive greetings is a few of the industry’s best Family Christmas Cards. Cards for parents, siblings, couples and spouses. Many of the featured ranges have cards for almost every relative you could think of but in the interest of keeping this post a manageable length I’ve picked out a few highlights. Follow the links to the designers’ websites and you’ll be able to see more designs.

1. The first pick from the ‘Allotment’ range is for a ‘Special Family at Christmas’ (shown above). Designed by Blue Eyed Sun the range features 12 extra large cards (215mm square) perfect for all the family. Retailing at £4.99 the cards are available from Stockists nationwide. To find a stockists near you please visit the Blue Eyed Sun website.

family Christmas cards - paper salad RY03 MUM AND DAD

2. This cute Mum & Dad Reindeer Christmas Card is from Paper Salad’s ‘Ruby Rule’ collection. Printed on an FSC heavy weight board, the design is hand-finished with red glitter and matched with a red spotty patterned envelope. The card retails at £2.75 from Paper Salad stockists nationwide. For more information please visit the Paper Salad website.

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3. This Family Christmas Card is perfect for the glamorous couples. Designed by Five Dollar Shake it is 1 of 13 designs in an extra large format measuring 8.5″ square. Beautifully illustrated with glitter gold border and embellished with gems and bows. The card retails at £6.50 from stockists nationwide. For more information please visit the Five Dollar Shake website.

family Christmas cards - olive and belle Mum & Dad Owls

4. The ‘Mum & Dad’ Owls Christmas Card is part of Olive & Belle’s new ‘Fig’ range; 16 cheerful and quirky designs with lots of choices for all members of the family. The cards are priced £2.45 each from retailers nationwide. For more information visit the Olive & Belle Olive & Belle website.

family Christmas cards - paper rose family christmas card

5. This bright and bold Christmas tree is designed for a fabulous sister. The first Christmas designs from Paper Rose’s award-winning ‘Artisan’ collection, the card retails at £2.25 from stockists nationwide. For more information please visit the Paper Rose Paper Rose website.

family Christmas cards - fantastic son family christmas card by davis & brown

6. With designs for the whole family, the next pick is these contemporary hand-scripted type cards. Shown in a ‘Brilliant Son’ design the Christmas cards feature holographic gold glitter and a sparkly gem set against a bright red background. The cards are £4.99 each from the Davis & Brown website.

velvet olive family christmas cards

7 & 8. These fab Husband and Wife Christmas cards (shown above and below) are part of Velvet Olive’s Eggnoggyness collection. Christmas motifs and distressed type combine for a contemporary-look festive card. Retailing at £2.30, the range is available from stockists nationwide and direct from Velvet Olive.

velvet olive family christmas cardsDD15

sarah catherine designs CHRISTMAS KISSES DAUGHTER

9. With a hand-drawn, doodle-like style the next pick is from the ‘Christmas Kisses’ Family cards. The range has designs for all relations including this Beautiful Daughter card. Priced £2.95 each the cards can be purchased from Sarah Catherine Designs.

sabivo design T06 The One I Love Christmas Handmade Greeting Card SABIVO Design800

10. The last of the family Christmas cards is a ‘Merry Christmas to the One I Love’ design. The card is hand-painted on a quality, textured board and finished with bows and gems. Priced at £2.99 you can see and purchase the collection at the Sabivo Design website.

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