Awesome Father’s Day Greeting Cards for Every Dad

Following on from yesterday’s pick of Father’s Day presents in today’s post we’re turning our attention to some of this year’s best Father’s Day Greeting Cards.

The selection includes a host of Father’s Day cards for every age and every type of Dad. So whether your Dad’s a ruddy legend, a Superman or even a big Papa Bear, there’s a card for you.

This year’s Father’s Day greeting cards are hand-picked from a wide group of designers and makers; ranging from industry favourites to new designers making their first appearance on the blog.

So without further ado let’s take a look at some new cards for Dad.

Father’s Day Greeting Cards for 2016

1. Ruddy Legend Father’s Day Greeting Card

ruddy legend father's day card $3.00

If you’re having trouble finding the right message for Father’s Day our first card pick is ideal. A hand-drawn illustration that is a delightful change from traditional cards. The message is simple with beard text reading “Dad, You’re a Ruddy Legend”. The card is blank inside so there’s even room to tell him exactly why!

£3.00 from Sootie Limetree.

2. Personalised Daddy Bear Card

personalised daddy bear card

This adorable personalised card for Daddy Bear on Father’s Day is a simple way to give a hug in a card. With a Kraft backdrop and cute illustration the card is finished with a love heart, ready to be personalised with the senders names. A great choice for little ones to deliver on Sunday.

£4.95 from Miss Shelly Designs.

3. Owl Be Right Back Father’s Day Greeting Card

owl be right back father's day card

Cool illustration and quirky sentiments combine in this next card pick. A colourful and comical Owls Father’s Day card, for those Dads who can’t help but unleash those mortifying ‘Dad Jokes’. OMG. The inside of the card reads ‘Happy Father’s Day!’

£2.85 from Bird Brain London.

4. No 1 Dad Father’s Day Card

no 1 dad father's day card

Tell your dad that he’s No.1 with this super cute French Bulldog Father’s Day card. A simple elegant card that brings fun and doggy delight to June 19th. Handmade in Leeds, this card is the perfect choice if your Dad is Top Dog in the family.

£3.00 from All Her Glory.

5. Handmade Superman Happy Father’s Day Card

Handmade Father's Day Card- Superman

Send your daddy a special message this year, with a unique superman card. The card can be personalised with the message of your choice, which is printed on a premium 320gsm textured white card packed with super powers!

£3.50 from Design Plug.

6. Greatest Achievement Father’s Day Card

greatest achievement father's day card by doodlelove

So you know your Dad’s brilliant, but you also know that his greatest achievement by far is you! Then your card choice is simple, of all the Father’s Day Greeting Cards on the market you’ll need a striking card to tell it like it is. A card just like this typographic design, printed on a lovely silk finished card by the good folks at Doodlelove.

£2.50 from Doodlelove.

7. Gorilla Happy Father’s Day Card 

gorilla father's day card kate broughton

Dad and baby Gorilla come together in this beast of a card. A Kraft backdrop and simple ‘Happy Father’s Day!’ message makes the elegant illustration the star of this card. Printed at Kate’s home studio on 100% recycled card stock, this is a great Eco-friendly choice for a nature-loving Dad.

£2.50 from Kate Broughton.

8. Papa Bear Card

father's day card modern printer matter

“I’ll grab the beer. You grab the bacon”. A delightful show of Bear teamwork, ideal for Father’s Day. This delightfully illustrated, funny card is a sure way to make Dad smile this weekend.

£2.87 from Modern Printed Matter.

9. Love You More Than … Card

father's day card love you more than peppa pig £3.25

This stylish but simple design is a great way of showing your Dad how much you love him this year. Personalised with your chosen wording to show you love your Dad even more than your very favourite thing: “I Love You More Than …”

£3.25 from Tandem Green.

10. Daddy’s Star Chart Card

cloud 9 design uk father's day card star chart £3.50

Time for the kids to turn the tables on their Daddy, with his own super star chart greeting card. A unique and quirky design to rate parental skills and behaviour!

£3.50 from Cloud 9 Design

11. Pop Up Beer Card

Cardology Beer Pop Up Card

A fun greeting card that is sure to delight with its pop up pint. The sentiment reads “Beer doesn’t make you fat…it makes you lean … against tables and walls!”. A card design sure to surprise and amuse, especially for Dad’s who enjoy a tipple.

£6.00 from Cardology.

12. Bubbles Greeting Card  

bubbles personalised father's day card kali stileman

The Orangutan Bubbles card is a bright, cheeky design ready for the personal message of your choice. A great card option for little ones who will love decorating the bubble with the own design for Dad.

£3.00 from Kali Stileman.

13. Spiffing Wooster Father’s Day Greeting Card

spiffing father's day pennychoo

This Wooster card combines the quaint, charming language of PG Wodehouse with 1930’s London Transport signage in warmly coloured, faded vintage motifs; the result is a rather spiffing card perfect for dapper Dads.

£2.50 from Pennychoo.

14. Penguins Happy Father’s Day Greeting Card

rose hill designs penguin fathers day card

In her signature pop art style, Rose Hill has created this wonderful Father’s Day greeting card featuring a Daddy and baby Penguin pair, set against a polar background of chilled blue and white.

£3.25 from Rose Hill Designs.

15. Thanks For Raisin Me Card

thanks for raisin me - father's day greeting cards

For those who love a pun or two you won’t be able to resist this sweet Raisin design. ‘Thanks for Raisin Me’ is a charming Father’s Day card printed on sustainably sourced, quality card stock with a light satin finish.

£2.95 from Sarah Louise Shop.

16. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Call Dad Card

If at first you don't succeed call dad card £2.50 old english prints

A bold hand-lettered Father’s Day card that really stands out from the crowd. This unique card has a simple and effective message ‘If at first you don’t succeed, call Dad’ – a sentiment sure to make any Dad smile.

£2.50 from Old English Company.

17. Daddy Cool Bird Watching Card

you look out for me father's day card

For the outdoors Dad who loves getting back to nature this super sweet Father’s Day greeting card is a great choice. Beautifully illustrated with a charismatic Dad character spotting some birds. 

£3.25 from Maurice and Maude.

18. World Class Dad Father’s Day Greeting Card

World_Class_Dad_Card 2

Last but not least in our pick of Father’s Day Greeting Cards is a simple way to tell your Dad he’s “world class” this Father’s Day. A uniquely designed collage style card from Stop The Clock Design. The card is blank inside to create your own personal message.

£2.95 from Utility Design.

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