Are You Ready? Festive Friday 2016 is Coming!

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Once again we’re getting ready to celebrate Festive Friday 2016. That means across the greetings card industry (and here at Card & Gift Network HQ) we’re kickstarting the Christmas card sending ritual; we might even crack open the mince pies.

With just 2 weeks to go before Festive Friday 2016 arrives, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little refresher on this greetings card event and show you where you can find out more.

What is Festive Friday?
Created by the UK’s Greeting Card Association (GCA), Festive Friday 2016 is a day for all of the card industry (and greetings card fans everywhere) to send their personal Christmas cards. The aim is to help and support designers, makers and publishers in the industry. By encouraging people to send Christmas Cards the GCA hope a heap of festive cards will start to arrive across the country in the first week of December. Not only will this spread a little festive cheer, it will hopefully get people in the mood to send their own cards.

As the GCA comments:

“Christmas is coming – that special time of love and caring, family and community, the time when we reach out to spread good will and happiness! And it’s when the Christmas cards start arriving that we really begin to feel that lovely festive feeling. What better way to get this all started nice and early than by joining in with Festive Friday 2016.”

festive friday 2016 poster
How You Can Take Part in Festive Friday 2016.
To support Festive Friday 2016 the GCA has created an event toolkit. Everything you need to organise your own special card-sending day. This could include:

  • Dedicating an hour to writing Christmas cards; Get everyone together, open the Eggnogg & get writing!
  • Giving away Christmas cards to your staff to send on to their families.
  • Increasing your Christmas card list to send more greetings this holiday season.
  • Giving to a good cause. Local charity shops, hospitals, old people’s homes, or schools are great places to give cards too, you can even drop of a poster to help spread the word.
  • Changing your social media profiles to include the Festive Friday banners.
  • Spreading the word about Festive Friday everywhere you can.

Take part in the GCA’s Festive Friday Twitter Giveaway!
As in previous years you can also take part in this year’s Festive Friday on Twitter.  All you need to do is give away a pack of Christmas cards (or two if you prefer). See the GCA website for full details on which #hashtags to use on the day.


Now It’s Your Turn.
The full details of the day and loads more ideas can be found in the Festive Friday 2016 toolkit. Download your copy now from the Greeting Card Association website.

& remember to give me (@cardgiftnetwork) and the @GCAUK  a shout out if you do take part so we can help spread the word of your event or giveaway even further.

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