Filberts of Dorset Lip Balm Kit

Filberts of Dorset: Investing in Britain’s Bees.

In today’s blog post I wanted to shine a spotlight on Filberts of Dorset, a unique British company run by beekeepers.

With roots firmly planted in British farming, Filberts of Dorset is committed to investing in British Bees and have developed a fabulous selection of natural gift products that depend on a steady supply of wax, propolis and honey. A need that in turn ensures the survival of the British honeybee.

The company can first be traced back to 2005 when Dorset farmer Mark Rogers turned a love of honey into beekeeping. After much research and advice from local beekeepers (including his uncle) he invested in his own hives; the result was lots of lovely British honey.

As you can probably guess, Mark didn’t stop at honey because as well as his own supply of honey, the bees brought a small problem. Long days in beekeeping gloves led to dry, ragged hands. The solution should have been simple, a moisturiser but the bees didn’t like that. The petrochemicals found in regular moisturisers upset the bees and resulted in lots of stings for Mark.

After a fair bit of experimenting, Mark found the solution stuck to the inside of a saucepan. While attempting to create a delicious honey-based nutrition bar, Mark noticed the left over mixture of oils and wax, by-products from the hive. By-products which were in fact a valuable resource; protective and nourishing ingredients that were the perfect base for a natural, moisturising balm. A balm, which could become a natural salve for dry hands, a moisturiser that didn’t upset the delicate honeybees. After some research, lots of trial and error and a fair bit of mess, the hand-salve became a fully tested and assured product ready for sale.

Skip to May 2008 and with a handful of products, Mark’s mum, Philada (aka Phil Burt) set up Filberts of Dorset. Selling natural beeswax lip balms, salves, butters and polishes. Each one handmade from the blocks of beeswax produced by Mark’s hives.

Today Mark has 100 bee hives and while the original hand salve is still a bestseller, the Filberts of Dorset range has expanded to a wide range skincare and gift products. Each lovingly handmade from ingredients produced by the honeybees.

The Filberts of Dorset team were kind enough to send me a few samples of the collection and I’m delighted to be able to share them with you today.

Alongside the quality of the natural products, the entire collection is beautifully packaged making them great gifts. Gift tins are finished with Kraft labels and each of the products is decorated with whimsical illustrations by Holly Clifton Brown.

For 2015 the Filberts of Dorset catalogue has been compiled by Freya Baxter. Within the collection there’s a wonderful variety of gifts; ideas for gardeners, glampers, new babies, aromatherapy fans and much more. I particularly like the candle rolling kits and lip balm kits, which provide great craft activities for cold winter nights.

As Honeybee supporters alongside the British Beekeepers Association, Filberts of Dorset are doing a great job of safeguarding the British Bee population and I look forward to seeing how the company grows further in the years to come.

filberts of doset travel set hand care

Filberts of Dorset Rose Lip Balm

Filberts of Dorset Farm Hand Cream

Filberts of Dorset Lavender Salve

Featured gifts: Lip Balm Kit, £9.99; Travel Set Hand Care, £9.99; Rose Lip Balm, £3.95; Farm Hand Salve, £5.20 and Lavender Salve, £5.20. To find out more about any of these gifts and to stock or purchase from the collection please visit the Filberts of Dorset website.

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