Behind the Scenes of Five Dollar Shake Greetings Cards

by | May 31, 2013 | Greeting Cards

close up of five dollar shake greeting card

Take a Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of Five Dollar Shake

One of my favourite elements of handmade greetings cards is seeing the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating each card. Having worked for a greetings card publisher in the past I know that constructing a greetings card can be a huge and complicated task that card designers take very seriously. Today’s post is slightly different from the norm as one publisher has been kind enough to take some close up pictures of their card collection so I can show you a different look behind the scenes. Today’s images are from one of my all time favourite greetings card publishers, Five Dollar Shake.

five dollar shake greeting card being designed

These first card designs use a process called thermographic printing to give the images added texture and definition. Thermographic printing is a complicated process that sees elements of a design selected for a raised printing process. Layers of ink or powders are applied to the base card and heated. The different drying times for the ink make it a long process that produces layers and gives depth to the image. Many of Five Dollar Shake’s greetings cards use exclusive textured base boards and this process of thermographic printing allows the Designers to select which elements of the image will stand out from the background.

detail of five dollar shake greetings card

Hot Foil Stamping sees the application of metallic foil layers to the card with a heated die stamp. Combined with embossing the process creates raised images or text. These close up images show how this is effectively used to create gorgeous gold text, which pops out from the background image and board.

detail of appy birthday card

foil detailing on card

Flitter printing on Five Dollar Shake greetings cards use a special thermographic glitter, this is a lot more high-tech than the traditional glitter you can purchase from craft stores. The glitter is mixed with a thermographic resin, when applied and heated the flitter bubbles to create a greater level of sparkle than traditional glitter. The depth of the resin allows the flitter to lay at different levels and angles creating an amazing, extra sparkly effect.

glitter detail on card

gem details on greeting card

These final ‘before and after’ images show the embellishments that make Five Dollar Shake greetings cards extra special. On top of thermographic printing, hot foil stamping and embossing techniques, every greetings card design is highlighted with an exclusive selection of gems and bows. These luxury elements are added by a hard-working team that hand-finish and pack every card.

bow on greeting card

textured board detail

floral embellishments on greeting card

Five Dollar Shake greetings cards are available from high-end retailers and boutiques nationwide as well as direct from the Five Dollar Shake website.

I’m sure I have over-simplified a lot of complicated processes in an effort to create a concise blog post, so apologies if this has lacked a lot of intricacies. Many thanks to Matt & Beth from Five Dollar Shake for allowing me to take a close look at their cards, and a big thank you to Steve for organising printing information and taking all of the lovely photographs.

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