Five Dollar Shake Introduce New Cards for Kids

by | Mar 12, 2013 | Greeting Cards

wonderful son luxury glitter birthday card

New Luxury Greeting Cards for Kids

Card & Gift Blog favourites Five Dollar Shake are entering into new territory with their latest collection – Glitter Ball – an amazing set of greetings cards for kids. The new Junior Shake collection uses all of the quality and attention to detail to be found in the grown up ranges in bright, appealing designs that kids will adore; I’m pretty sure a few adults will appreciate them too!

Printed on a high quality Kraft board the designs use vibrant colours, cute graphics and a healthy dose of glitter and bows. The technically savvy will also notice that this range features a near-impossible print process whereby two (sometimes three) colours of glitter are used on the same design! The Glitter Ball range has a total of 46 designs. 38 are small portrait cards; age cards 1-8 for boys and girls alongside bright graphics and type-based designs. The final 8 are standard-size square cards; handmade designs finished with embellishments.

birthday card for a special little boy

birthday card for wonderful niece

birthday card for wonderful daughter

fab birthday lolly card

robot birthday card

1 today glitter card

8th birthday girl greeting card

Available to purchase from Five Dollar Shake stockists nationwide the portrait cards retail at £2.50 and the larger handmade cards at £2.99. To find out more please visit the Five Dollar Shake website.

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