We Go Behind the Scenes with Flying Teaspoons

In our latest look behind the design of the card and gift industries, we’re getting to know more about Flying Teaspoons; a highly creative business creating beautiful greetings cards and giftware.

We first came across Flying Teaspoons’ designer Laura Clamp’s work via her wonderful ‘Branching Out’ greetings card for Wraptious. The card was selected for our Top Ten Greetings Cards of 2016 and from there we learned that alongside creating gorgeous designs for Wraptious, Laura also had her own indie business.

For today’s post Laura’s giving us a guided tour behind the scenes of her unique business. The origins of the company, the products, the inspiration and what the future has in store for Flying Teaspoons.

flying teaspoons laura clamp
The Business

My name is Laura Clamp and I am the artist behind Flying Teaspoons: a creative independent business selling quirky wildlife themed greetings cards and Fine Art prints.

Despite growing up in the industrial city of Stoke-on-Trent, I have been surrounded by wildlife all my life. From annual family holidays in Pembrokshire to having a garden resembling a small forest at home, I am never short of animal inspiration! It has been a natural progression from creating artwork in my spare time, to setting up my own business selling cards in 2016.

At the moment, I am the only person working for Flying Teaspoons, however I can’t not give a shout out to my parents who help out endlessly with setting up my craft fairs and standing in, what is mostly, freezing cold weather!

The Flying Teaspoons Collection

So about my designs. It is not always that obvious how I create my work without seeing progress images or the original artwork, but each design is actually a collage of magazine cut outs. Thinking about it, I have always been drawn to using magazines for different uses. Before I started using them to make my artwork, I used to wrap presents by sellotaping magazine pages together to make wrapping paper. (if you’ve never done this, it’s the best way to make your present look extra special!)

flying teaspoons design process

The Design Process

My design process has 3 simple stages. I cut out all the relevant colours and textures for the design; I draw an initial sketch, which I use as a guide for creating the different shapes I need from the cut outs.

After that, it is just a repetitive process of sticking down and layering to create vibrant colours and textures that I think work really well with the animal theme.

I then scan in all my artwork and use the digital copies to create greetings card designs and wall art. I often use text to accompany my images, and sometimes, if I have a rare moment of wit… you’ll see a pun now and again to match the funny characters that make up my work.

All of my cards are sized 150mm x 150mm on thick paper stock, which has a lovely textured quality to it making it feel like more than ‘just a card’.

The Inspiration

In terms of other inspiration, I have to say illustrator Anna Wright is one of my all time favourite artists in the giftware and greetings card industry. Similar to my work, she has an animal theme and a very distinctive illustrative style that gives all of her designs a really sense of personality and authenticity.

to my favourite bad influence greeting card - flying teaspoons

Hmmm… a personal favourite if I had to choose one would be the card “To My Favourite Bad Influence”. It just sums up that friendship with someone who always gets you to justify buying that top you really don’t need… or to eat that last slice of cake!

how old greeting card - flying teaspoons
I think the most popular card is “Cooooeee how old?!” It never fails in making someone chuckle, and people often have someone in mind that it would be perfect for. The same goes to “From one funny bird to another”!

from one funny bird greeting card - flying teaspoons

The Future for Flying Teaspoons

What am I working on at the moment? Well, I am actually going to introduce this idea of “Life After the Mantlepiece”, which promotes using your greetings card as a hanging piece of wall art after it’s ‘shelf life’. This way, you can turn your greetings card into a gift; just by by buying one of my custom made frames made specially to fit the cards, to the person you are sending the card to. Keep checking out my Facebook, Instagram and website to keep up to date!

2017 is looking to be a really exciting year. In April, I will be attending my first British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. I will be introducing Flying Teaspoons to lots of suppliers who have never seen my work before; cue lots of nerves! It is also the first full year I will be working on Flying Teaspoons; which means there will be countless new occasions to make cards for. My studio space will be a continuous mess…I can’t wait 😀

Thank you Laura! 

Now you’ve got a glimpse at the inspiration behind these beautiful works of art it’s time to check out more. Visit the Flying Teaspoons website.

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