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by | Jan 20, 2012 | Greeting Cards

sorry card from frank

Welcome to the World of From Frank

Today’s blog post is a collection of fun, humorous greeting cards all the way from Lafayette, Indiana. From Frank is created by Kate Smith, with a little help from, you guessed it, her fab French Bulldog, Frank. The collection was inspired by Frank’s humorous, human-like behaviour; when combined with Kate’s talent for vocalising his thoughts, a collection of quirky greeting cards was born. Frank’s main goal in life is to make people smile, and it’s this simple idea that is at the forefront of each of the card designs. Frank’s ambitions are becoming a reality as the cards spread through retailers across the USA and I think it’s only a matter of time before Frank goes global. Alongside the cute, funny phrases; I love the collage style of the cards, using photos, sticky tape and dymo-like label text.

life is not fair from frank dog card

sometimes ugly people make the cutest babies from frank dog card

funny from frank dog card

birthday card from frank

you know how much you love card

The full From Frank collection can be seen online and comprises 50 designs that cover a wide variety of occasions, from traditional birthdays and engagements to special designs intended simply to cheer people up on a bad day. Currently From Frank greetings cards and available to trade customers; more information can be found on the From Frank website. For consumers the cards retail at $3.25, and a full list of stockists can be seen on the From Frank website.

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