Fruit Tier Gifts a Stylish Alternative to Your Boring Old Fruit Bowl

Looking for a fresh healthy start to 2017? Keen to exercise more, eat right and get your 5 fruit & veg each day? A brilliant goal but not always easy when it’s freezing outside, you’re battling flu and that heap of left over Christmas chocolates looks so inviting. Happily there is a solution, the Fruit Tier, a beautifully designed alternative to the common fruit bowl that will have you eager to eat fruit and kickstart your healthy living regime.

The Perfect Display For Your 5 a Day

5 a day seems to be a firmly set idea. We all know that to stay healthy we should all be eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every single day.

Easy right?

Hmm, not quite.

At the supermarkets fruit looks so tempting. Aisles of brightly coloured produce, beautifully laid out in boxes and palettes. You pick a selection, take it home, and then into the fruit bowl it goes.

& that’s where the problem starts.

The small fruit bowl gets crammed with a jumble of fruit and before you know it your once healthy fruit pieces are growing their own fur coats of mould.

Not tempting, not edible, and definitely not healthy.

Fruit Tier-ceramic-fruit-bowl

Ditch Your Old Fruit Bowl For a Fruit Tier

Happily there is a solution and it’s a pretty stylish one too.

Created by Jeanette Moss, the Fruit Tier is a new kind of fruit bowl. Inspired by nature’s apple, the design features tiers, which give your fruit purchases much needed space.

The unique design allows you to see in an instant exactly what fruit you have to eat and what you need to buy.

Never again will smaller fruit be squashed into oblivion!

The layers can also be used to organise your fruit. Recently bought items can be kept on a different level; ensuring they’re never hidden and forgotten.

Just imagine how much waste you’ll avoid, how much money you’ll save if you’re no longer throwing away over ripened fruit; fruit that has been languishing at the bottom of the fruit bowl.

Fruit Tier_Apple_Green_trans

Beautifully Made in Britain

This fun whimsical design is not just practical but also makes a stunning centrepiece. Each Fruit Tier has been designed and manufactured to the very highest standards to create a unique item for the heart of the home.

Jeanette has been passionate about the manufacture of the Fruit Tier, keen to ensure that essential pieces of the Fruit Tier range are manufactured in Great Britain, supporting British companies. This meant a long and exhausting nationwide search for the perfect craftsman to bring this one-off design to life.

The ceramic plates for each Fruit Tier are hand-crafted in the famous Stoke-on-Trent potteries. Using a traditional ‘slip casting’ technique, each piece is hand poured with liquid clay into plaster moulds. These are then fired in the kilns, glazed and re-fired; creating a unique plate every single time.

The solid wooden core of the Fruit Tier is created by a specialist Wood Turner in Buckinghamshire. Imitating the stalk of an apple, the core is made from Sapele wood, which is finished by hand with natural beeswax, enhancing the natural grain of the material.

Finally, a West Midlands company established in 1930 produces the stainless steel plates. With their expertise, the plates are made using a metal spinning process and then polished by hand on an electrically-powered polishing spindle to a mirror finish.

stainless-steel fruit tier with-fruit

The Fruit Tier Range

So the time has come to say goodbye to your sad old fruit bowl.

Instead go for a revolutionary design that keeps your fruit and your healthy lifestyle dreams in tip top condition; All in an adorable apple shape!

Fruit Tiers are available in 3 styles: Apple Green and Porpoise Grey, retailing at £252.00 each and a Polished Stainless Steel version, which sells for £294.00.

To find out more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Fruit Tier website.

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