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A Special Story

What makes your new product so brilliant? Don’t just give me a range name. Tell me all about its design, its story, what makes it special. Make me want to share it!

Tell Me About You

You’re important too! Give me some background on your company and how you came to create your wonderful new product. Don’t be modest, I really do want to know!

Where Can We Buy?

Down to the knitty gritty. You want to sell your shiny new product and a feature is designed for that very purpose so don’t forget to tell us exactly how and where to place an order. 

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My audience is keen to see your new product, so show it off well. Include top quality images at least 800px wide that make us want to buy.

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Trade prices may vary depending on order quantities and sometimes you just want to keep that info hush-hush but include an RRP for general guidance. 

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I want your product to be shared near and far so please don’t neglect to share your social media handles. I’ll tag you when I post and you can help spread the word!

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