New Gift Mugs for the Modern Cuppa

Just in time for your afternoon tea break today’s blog post is a delightful collection of gift mugs from JollySmith. Each of the mugs feature bold graphics and fun designs that set them apart in the mug crowd. Making them the perfect gift for tea lovers and coffee addicts.

Magic Eye Gift Mugs

First images are ‘Tea’ and ‘Coffee’ designs, incorporating magic-eye style, hidden text, which is cleverly constructed from lots of tiny cups. Each of the designs features 1204 mini mugs; illustrating the average Brit’s annual tea intake.

JollySmith Design Gift Mugs 2

JollySmith Design Gift Mugs 1

George Orwell Mug

The ‘George Orwell Rules Mug’ is for the tea aficionado, who likes their cuppa the classic way.

JollySmith Design Gift Mugs 3

Tea Facts Gift Mug

Next up is the ‘Tea Facts’ mug for the greatest of thinkers. Let your inner philosopher ponder a few fun facts as you sit and sip their tasty beverage.

JollySmith Design Gift Mugs 5

JollySmith Design Gift Mugs 10

Coffee Graph Mug

Last but not least is JollySmith’s ‘Coffee Graph Mug’ a very clever mug for the modern caffeine addict. A great stocking filler and an office essential these JollySmith mugs are packed with personality.

JollySmith Design Gift Mugs 4

Where to Buy JollySmith Gift Mugs

The featured gift mugs retail at £8.90 each. For more information on the collection and how to stock JollySmith products please visit the JollySmith website.

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