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That Company Called IF Unveil New Gifts for Literature Lovers.

I recently received a package of samples here at Card & Gift Network HQ; a few of the latest gifts for literature lovers created by That Company Called IF.

Known for their wonderful collection of gifts and accessories That Company Called IF produce a wide array of unique gifts, including fun bookmarkslicensed products and literature-themed accessories.

As a book fan myself, I’m always keen to see what the folks at IF come up with. As expected, the new gifts are great quality and a lot of fun. I am therefore delighted to be able to share them with you today.

1. Alphabooks

The new collection of Alphabooks are notebooks with a difference. Each individual letter-shaped book is quality bound and finished just like a real book. All the letters of the alphabet and more are available, allowing you to create initials and words that mean the most to you. 

The outers are covered in a variety of patterns, with a buckram spine and gold foil decoration.The sample I got was as you probably guessed a ‘C’ for Charlotte and is a great gift idea for fans of classic hardback style.

Inside, the pages are a cream 120gsm weight cream paper stock meaning the books work equally well as a notebook or decorative gift. Personally I think these are a little more special than an everyday notebook. Unwrapping my Alphabook sample I was reminded on a news story last year when a boyfriend filled a jar with 365 love notes; with the Alphabooks I can see them being filled with special notes and memories as a treasured gift for a loved one. 

That Company Called IF Aplhabooks

That Company Called IF Aplhabooks

2. Telephone Number Page Markers

I may have only made it into being a “child of the 70’s” by two months but I do remember rotary phones so these Telephone Number Page Makers do bring back childhood memories for me!

Featuring 10 classic clip-on digits, from 0 to 9, the Telephone Number set is a perfect nostalgic mini gift for those in their 30’s and above or anyone who appreciates iconic design.

Clip them onto your books, magazines or work for a quick and simple way to prioritise your important bits and pieces. 

That Company Called IF SP301-telephone-numbers-pack

That Company Called IF 301-telephone-numbers-on-book

3. Tin of Sardines Page Markers

For those of you who prefer a little colour to your page markers, That Company Called IF have created a set of jazzy clip-on page markers. A fun way to mark the important pages in your files, books and notes, with a unique ‘Tin of Sardines’ theme. 

The easy to carry tin is perfect for students and workers on the go. Each tin contains 50 sardines in a variety of bright, vibrant patterns; great for keeping you bright eyed and bushy tailed during a long study session!

Presented in a tin complete with embossed sardine tin ‘ring-pull’  this set is a fun and handy gift for literature lovers, students and more. Keep your eyes peeled for a few posh fish too in the form of sparkly silver foiled sardines.

That Company Called IF 95301 Sardines (Tin #2)

That Company Called IF 953-composite-photo

4. Travel Book Rest

With Summer and holidays upon us every literature fan will be busy picking their summer reads, but the books alone are not enough. For the travellers and day-trippers of the world That Company Called IF have created the Travel Book Rest.

Ideal for books and tablets, this handy and portable reading rest will let you enjoy your book or watch your favourite movie wherever you are, hands-free. 

With a cute vintage suitcase theme, the rest folds flat when not in use for maximum portability. Easy to wipe clean (a must if you’re juggling ice creams on a sandy beach) the Travel Book Rest comes in three trendy colours; red, blue and terracotta.

That Company Called IF 35801-Beachy-Blue-(Pack)

That Company Called IF 35801-Beachy-Blue-(iPad-Left)

5. The Hands Stand Book Rest

Our last new gift for literature lovers is the cute and quirky Hands Stand. Designed for books and tablets, the gentle, spring-loaded mitts will hold your book or device freeing you up for other tasks.

The Hands Stand is available in five shades; pink, purple, red, blue and green. Each folds away when not is use, making it a great gadget for home, office or on the move.


That Company Called IF 94202 Coral (Book)

That Company Called IF 94202 Coral (Flat)

gifts for literature lovers - That Company Called IF cerise Hands Stand

Featured gifts for literature lovers are: Alphabooks, £ 12.99; Telephone Numbers, £ 4.99; Tin of Sardines, £ 6.99; Travel Book Rest, £ 8.99 and The Hands Stand, £ 12.99. All are available from stockists nationwide. To find out more about stocking these gifts or to find your local retailer please visit the That Company Called IF website.

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