handmade fox toy pillow

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For today’s post we’re taking a closer look at the gift collection of Gingiber, an illustrative paper goods & homewares store based in the American Midwest. The work of Stacie Bloomfield, childhood doodler turned full-time illustrator, the collection perfectly balances Stacie’s unique artistic style with a touch of playfulness. The resulting products are both cute and stylish; appealing to both children and adults alike.

Aiming to produce “Zest for Your Nest”, the Gingiber shop has a diverse collection of prints, toy/pillows and tote bags. Each featuring a beautiful, illustrated designs that will brighten up any home. The product range is also a great choice for those seeking environmentally responsible gifts, with every design produced using Eco-friendly inks.

Understandably Gingiber is a firm favourite with the press, having featured in several magazines and blogs and I couldn’t wait to share the collection here too. I love the ‘doodle-like’ style of Stacie’s illustrations, which adds a real warmth and charm to the animal characters featured across the gift range. See what you think …

handmade lion toy pillow

fox tote bag

forest animal tea towel set

barnyard animal tea towel set

the bear print

Featured gifts: Fox Toy / Pillow, £19.18; Lion Toy / Pillow, £19.18; Fox Tote Bag, £10.79; Forest Animal Tea Towel Set, £26.97; Barnyard Tea Towel Set, £26.97 and The Bear Art Print, £13.78. To see more, stock or purchase from the collection please visit the Gingiber Etsy shop.

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