Spotlight on Nature-Inspired Greetings Cards

by | Jul 12, 2012 | Greeting Cards

dog greeting card

Unique Greeting Cards Shine the Spotlight on Nature

Here at Card & Gift Blog HQ we’ve seen the arrival of a small family of mini hedgehogs that have moved into the garden, they’re incredibly cute, and watching them dig about looking for food is proving a great way to distract from a heap of work. The hedgehog arrival has also coincided with a recent greeting card discovery; the nature-inspired designs of Hannah Dale, Founder of Wrendale Designs. It seemed perfect timing so I couldn’t resist sharing the greeting cards designs with you.

Married to a Lincolnshire Farmer, Hannah is ideally placed in the middle of the English countryside; the outdoor life, and picturesque surroundings prove to be great inspiration for her creative talents, and result in some beautiful prints and greeting cards. Utilising her background in Fine Art, Hannah first began painting Hares; attracted by their expressive faces and personalities. Soon she was painting all sorts of animals, and had built up a portfolio of gorgeous artwork. Encouraged to turn the paintings into greeting cards, ‘The Country Set’ card collection was born. Suitable for a variety of occasions, I love the quality and detail that is put into every image; there’s a real warmth, and personality to the range, which I think nature fans will adore.

duckling greeting card

fox greeting card

owl greeting card

phesant greeting card

penguin greeting card

rabbit greeting card

horse greeting card

The Country Set greeting cards featured today retail at £2.40 each, and are available to purchase direct from the Wrendale Designs online shop. Printed on a high quality, textured board there are 24 every day designs, and 10 Christmas cards.

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