Ten Great Mother’s Day Gifts Sure to Make Mum’s Day

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Mother's Day

Get Inspired with Great Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day approaching on 10th March (this Sunday) we’re starting the week with a little more card & gift inspiration just for mum; great Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to make any mum smile.

great mother's day gifts - bird and floral cushions

First up is the Bird in Blossom and Fritillary I Natural cushions (shown above), £45 each from Emily Burningham.

great mother's day gifts - bird and floral notecards

Sets of 8 Notecards, £6.99 each from Emily Burningham.

bird and floral washbags and pouches

Bird in Blossom Large Wash Bag, £22.50, Medium Wash Bag, £17.50 and Cosmetic Case, £12.50. All available from the Emily Burningham website.


With Love Tea Pot by Disaster Designs, £18.99 from Cloth Ears (link below).

coffee pot

Folklore Enamel Tea or Coffee pot by Nina Jarema for Wild & Wolf, £14.99 from Cloth Ears (link below).

great mother's day gifts- Flutters & Fancies Wallet Purse

Flutters & Fancies Wallet Purse, £18.99 from Cloth Ears (link below).

cakes and puddings framed print

Classic Puddings Framed Wall Art, £19.99 from Cloth Ears.

knitted jug

Chunky Cup in rope design, £33 from Yellowhouse Art (link below).

knitted ceramic tea light holders

Beehive & Dart Tea Lights, £25 each from Yellowhouse Art (link below).

knitted ceramic jug

Chunky Chain Cup, £33 from Yellowhouse Art.

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