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by | Feb 11, 2011 | Greeting Cards

Handmade Cards for Any Occasion

Slightly later than planned but as promised this post is a few images from the range of everyday greetings card collection of fold (Valentine’s cards shown earlier). I thought they were really lovely designs, so couldn’t resist showing you them … let me know what you think.

handmade flowers greeting card

The design above is from fold’s sewn range. A selection of cards suitable for a host of occasions and left blank inside for your own message. Mounted on 100% recycled board they are made from cut paper and sewn thread, fabricated into a line of handmade petals. Available in purple, yellow and silver.

vampire greeting card

The wire range are unique, quirky designs that twist wire into a series of adorable characters.

fold has a variety of designs in the collection … my personal favourites the count and hippo are shown here. Blank inside these cards would be great for celebrating birthdays, saying thank you or even just saying hello.

wire hippo greeting card

All of the designs are available to purchase online for $11 Dollars each (price in American Dollars). To find out more about these cards and the rest of the range pop along to the fold website. (2017 update: the website is not currently available).

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