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Card2Keep Unveil Cards with Music … The Card & Gift Combination.

If you’re looking for a greetings card with something extra than Card2Keep’s cards with music might be the perfect pick. Especially if you’re a music or photography fan.

A family-run firm headed by Rachel Jackson, Card2Keep specialise in 2 types of photographic greeting cards. Blank cards with beautiful images and Cards with Music. For today’s post, I want to share a closer look at the latter.

Ably assisted by husband Paul (in charge of morale and tech support), Rachel leads a small team of photographers, turning stunning images into “Cards with Music” … the greetings card with a bonus, musical gift.

Each of the Cards with Music collection is paired with a streaming e-album of carefully chosen classical music. Currently the range has two themes; birds and ballet, with music inspired by the photographs.

For me, the amazing thing is the value to be found in the range. For a price point of just £4.99 card-buyers get a pretty photographic card and a full album of classical music to stream. Rather than just a card and single track of music, the bird cards have a 20 track album and the ballet cards a 19 song collection. Resulting in an affordable card and gift combination that is sure to surprise and delight.

By teaming up with I Like Music, Card2Keep ensure that getting your hands on the music gift is super easy. The albums can be streamed to any internet-connected device, activated by a QR scan or text message.

Card2Keep’s cards with music range currently has 27 greeting cards to choose from; 22 bird-inspired designs and 5 with a beautiful ballet theme. In case you were curious, my personal favourite is the Tawny Owl shown below … can’t resist cute and fluffy!

card2keep owl greeting card with music downloadcard2keep bird greeting card with music download

cards with music - ballet design by card2keep

Featured Cards with Music greeting cards are: ‘Blue Tits’ and ‘Young Tawny Owl’ by Mike Regent, ‘Blackbird’ by Alan Pavey and ‘Frayed Ribbons & Drawstrings’ by Andrew Regent. The cards retail at £4.99 each. To stock the collection in your shop, make a purchase or find out more please visit the Card2Keep website.

Update: Card2Keep do not appear to be in business anymore. If you have any further information please let me know.

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