Hand-Embroidered Cards from Jenny Sims Makes Things

by | Sep 24, 2012 | Greeting Cards

Hand-Embroidered Cards Give Greetings for Every Occasion

Jenny Sims is a Graphic Designer based in Manhattan with a passion to create. Jenny has taken her love of making things, and developed her own range of hand-embroidered cards.

Today’s post is a gallery of hand-embroidered designs from her ‘Not Your Grandma’s Cards’ collection. The series began life as a school project; Jenny studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Happily the collection has burst from the school room and is now available to buy from Jenny’s online shop.

The collection of hand-embroidered cards has 25 designs, each with their own funny, charming or sentimental phrase. The mix of inspirational, sweet, and adults-only phrases ensures there is a design for everyone and every occasion. I love the charm and simplicity of the range, which sees the phrases hand-embroidered in colourful threads; cheerfully popping out from the crisp, white card stock.

hand-embroidered cards - cheer up buttercup

hand-embroidered cards - live colourfully

hand-embroidered cards - buy the ticket take the ride

hand-embroidered cards - make today amazing

hand-embroidered cards - don't forget to be awesome

Where to Buy Hand-Embroidered Cards

Today’s featured greetings cards, and more designs from the ‘Not Your Grandma’s Cards’ rnge retail at $5.00 each. To see more, stock or purchase from the range please visit Jenny’s website. (2017 Update: sadly the website isn’t currently available).

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