The Printed Jewellery That is Pretty & Meaningful.

If you’re on the hunt for a gift idea that offers both style and a deeper meaning, today’s present pick is for you. We’re taking a look at the latest collection of hand-printed jewellery from Sally Lees.

Hand-Printed Jewellery by Sally Lees London

Printed Pendants Inspired by Birth Flowers. 

The collection of pendants is an ideal gift choice for mums, grandmas, sisters, and girlfriends.

If you’re present shopping for ladies who like pretty jewellery designs these necklaces might just be the perfect pick.

Inspired by nature, each pendant is decorated with a birth flower and the collection has the whole year covered, from January’s Carnation to December’s Poinsettia.

The delicate floral designs are hand-drawn by artist Sally Lees, before being translated into prints which resist the dyes to create an effect that mirrors the original sketches.

Each pendant is cut from hand-printed and dyed sheets of aluminium, which are gently beaten into a subtle curved shape for added visual interest.

The finished pendants are then matched with an 18 inch sterling silver chain to complete the look.

Utilising aluminium means the pendants are very light weight, water resistant, fade and scratch proof; the perfect choice for every day wear and a pretty accessory for any outfit.

Each of the birth flower pendants is presented in a glossy white gift box, ready for delivery to the special someone. With their hidden ‘birth flower’ meaning the designs naturally make a significant birthday present. They also work well to commemorate a variety of special moments in the calendar; a February-themed love token on Valentine’s Day, a March-inspired pendant to mark a wedding day or anniversary.


Hand-Printed Jewellery Sally Lees London

Sally Lees: The Designer of Flower Printed Jewellery. 

The Designer-Maker behind the pendant collection is Sally Lees. A metalworker at heart with a passion for making beautiful things. Sally uses traditional skills of jewellery making, printing and dying to create stylish original jewellery for men and women.

After studying art and design in the North of England Sally was selected to have a studio amongst the wealth of talent at Cockpit Arts in London.

With an ethos is to hand make her products not manufacture them, Sally is in high demand, on TV, in books and in the classroom; Sally has appeared on BBC’s Learning Zone, taught jewellery making at numerous institutes and has her designs featured in a growing number of jewellery books.

Adding to this impressive list I’m delighted to be able to share a little part of her work right here on the blog.

Hand-Printed Jewellery by Sally Lees London

Where to Buy Sally Lees’ Printed Jewellery Collection.

Today’s featured heart-shaped pendants retail at £25.00 each. Alternatively you can choose a ‘guitar-pick’ shaped pendant at £18.00. The collection also features matching earrings and cuffs. To see, stock or purchase from the full collection of birth flower jewellery please visit the Sally Lees website.

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