Handmade Crochet Gifts for Babies from By Marika

by | Jul 11, 2012 | Gifts

zebra crochet toy

Terrific Toys Crocheted with Love

By Marika create crocheted organic cotton baby toys (and patterns for clever, crafty folks who want to make their own). The work of Designer-Maker, Marika Uustare, each adorable creature, mini air plane and cute car is hand-crafted by Marika from her original designs. Using the best quality organic materials the designs are fantastic, quality items that would make great gifts. As each one is purchased direct from the Designer they are also open to customisation; toys can be made with or without rattles, and designs can have an additional ‘hanging loop’ that can be attached to a mobile or cot. Take a look at my favourite picks from the collection.

bunny rabbit crochet toy

bee crochet toy

giraffe crochet toy

car crochet toy

airplane crochet toy

Featured gifts for babies: Zebra, $30; Rabbit, $32; Bee, $17; Giraffe, $42; Car, $18; and Air plane, $18. To see more, or purchase any of the gifts shown today please visit the By Marika online shop.

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