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Introducing Frock and Roll: Handmade Luxury Cards Perfect for Glamorous Girls.

Five Dollar Shake have recently unveiled ‘Frock and Roll’ the latest addition to their collection of handmade luxury cards.

As the name of the collection hints these designs are perfect for ladies who love fashion and a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll spirit. Each design combines elegant type with a striking silhouette of a stylish lady, complete with glittery frock.

The collection of handmade luxury cards features 20 brand new cards. Designs cover special birthdays, with age cards 16 – 60 years; cards for female relations (daughter, mum, wife, sister); 4 general birthday cards; and 5 occasion cards for engagement, anniversary, wedding day, baby boy and baby girl.

As we’ve seen in Five Dollar Shake’s earlier card collections, the new Frock and Roll greeting cards use a specially selected board with a brushed silver finish. The effect is a beautiful and subtle shimmer, which makes a lovely backdrop for the the handmade details and glittery text.

Each of the Frock and Roll designs has a splash of colour in an “ice cream dream” colour palette, adding a retro, rock ‘n’ roll feel to the range.

The cards are brought to life with beautiful little frocks cut out of eye-popping sparkling glitter fabric; the fifties-style couture offering a further nod to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Each dress is given a trademark Five Dollar Shake makeover with a final sprinkling of genuine crystals.

Five Dollar Shake use card stock sourced from sustainable and renewable forests. Proud of their British roots, these luxury cards are all handmade in Britain.

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Handmade Luxury Cards by Five Dollar Shake 4

Handmade Luxury Cards by Five Dollar Shake 5

Handmade Luxury Cards by Five Dollar Shake 3

The featured Frock and Roll greeting cards retail at £4.50 each. They are available to purchase from Five Dollar Shake Stockists nationwide. For more information on the range please visit the Five Dollar Shake website.

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