Hape’s Best-Selling Toys Re-designed to Celebrate the Company’s 30th Birthday.

Germany’s Hape is an eco-friendly toy company formed in 1986 by Founder and CEO Peter Handstein.

The toy maker’s passion lies in making open ended play available for as many children as possible. For this they create natural and safe toys. Each one crafted at a world class production facility to meet the highest standards of quality.

Hape’s motto is “Love play. Learn” believing that children’s curiosity and creativity are the ideal avenues for teaching them about the world and helping them develop the skills they will need for life.

Hape’s mission is to create toys that tap into this natural willingness to learn, making the educational experience a truly joyful one. A mission that has been going from strength to strength for the last 30 years.

In order to celebrate this momentous milestone, Hape decided to mark their 30th birthday with a Limited Edition Toy Collection. An assortment of their best selling toys re-designed, to provide children with many hours of open ended play.

The Hape 30th Anniversary Toy Collection

Pound and Tap Bench

Hape Toys Pound and Tap Bench

A timeless toy to stimulate your little one’s motor skills. Alongside the company the Pound and Tap Bench celebrates its 30th anniversary. Pound on the bench with the mallet to send the balls tinkling over the xylophone or play the xylophone separately to help develop your child’s rhythm and understanding of cause and effect.

Walk-A-Long Puppy

Hape Toys Pull along puppy

An iconic toy that celebrates Hape’s 30-year heritage, the Walk-A-Long puppy promotes fine motor skills, dexterity and hand-to-eye coordination, all the while encouraging hours of imaginative play. A great friend for children, who can make the puppy sit, stand or roll to their heart’s content. Each puppy play toy is also made from FSC certified wood stock.


Hape Toys Blocks

The set contains 30 building blocks crafted in FSC certified solid wood. Designed in red to stimulate early learning, the different shapes and sizes fuel a child’s imagination for hours of solo and group play.

This unique toy also has a charitable side, being linked to Hape’s “We Care, We Share” initiative. Launched along with the company in 1986 the enterprise sees Hape donate a toy to a child for every set of blocks sold. Toys are given to kids in Syria, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Nepal and Autistic children in China; children who have been suffering from illness, poverty, discrimination, war and natural disaster.

Dynamo Dominoes

Hape Toys Dynamo Dominoes

With over 100 pieces, the Hape Dynamo Dominoes set offers hours of play for imaginative children everywhere. With a bridge, bell, rails and assorted tricks, there’s no right or wrong way to build your domino trail, ensuring every play session offers new possibilites.

Where to Buy the Hape Toys

Featured gifts: Pound and Tap Bench £19.95; Walk-a-long Puppy, £14.95; Block Set, £19.95 and Dynamo Dominoes, £24.95;  All of the 30th Anniversary toys are available to buy from Harrods.

To find out more, stock or purchase Hape toys please visit their website.

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