New Textured Ceramics Give a Modern Twist to Pottery Presents

by | Apr 27, 2010 | Gifts

Ceramics With Texture to Tantalise

Ceramics make a fabulous gift; a useful item for the home that can be cherished, combined with the artistry of a handmade work of art.  On today’s post we’re looking at the wonderful work of Heather Knight.

textured ceramic bowl

Heather specializes in ceramic designs inspired by nature such as this fabulous ‘Coral Bowl’. Handmade from English porcelain, the bowl has a delicate translucency.  Highly functional yet sculptural, the bowl has a strong coral texture that can be seen on the close up picture below. Each bowl is made to order at $110 (prices are in American Dollars).

bottom of textured ceramic bowl

These intricate ‘Ceramic Wall Tiles’ are some of Heather’s most celebrated wares and have been featured in Interior Design Magazine. Tiles measure approximately 9″ square. The complete collection consists of nine designs and can be purchased for $2100.

textured ceramic wall hangings

Alternatively you can pick your favourite design, individual tiles are $250 each. Build up you own unique collection with each tile.

textured ceramic wall plaque

This cute collection of 3 ‘Micro Tiles’ is sure to be a popular addition to any home. Measuring 5″ square each 3D tile has the same delicate intricacy of the full-sized tiles. The textures shown below are Fungi, Turf and Hydrangea but you can choose your 3 favourites from the range. The set is priced $200.

trio of textured ceramic wall plaques

The first item to grab my attention amongst Heather’s ceramics were these fabulous ‘Sea Urchin Bowls’. Pictured below is the collection of 3 bowls. Like all of the items shown today they are handmade, making each one unique. You can purchase the  set for $170 or buy bowls individually for $60.

sea urchin ceramic bowls

Today’s pictures are just a small preview of Heather’s beautiful porcelain collection. To see more visit her online store.

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