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New Greeting Card Startup Needs Your Help to Deliver Real Cards Without Character Limits.

I recently received some prototype samples of a new greeting card collection called ‘Plain Talk’ from greeting card startup Social Postmark.

Social Postmark believe that a “digital message is never substitute for real human communication”. To remind us of this, they have created a box set of 20 provocative greeting cards, designed to meet the needs of any social situation.

To make these cards a reality however Social Postmark need your help. Founder Jake Mercuri is hoping to get the collection crowdfunded via Kickstarter and so far it’s going very well; with 17 days to go, Jake has raised over $2300 towards his $3000 goal.

As I’m sure you’ve realised by now, I too believe that a real greeting card is always preferable to a digital message, so it’s always nice to see new greetings card companies emerging.

The Cards

Social Postmark’s first series ‘Plain Talk’ pokes fun at our collective digital dependency. Offering simple messages with simple, deliberate design.

With the “Plain Talk” series, you get 20 cards and envelopes, each with a unique saying and a bold colour to complement it. Everything you need to make your statement, no matter what the occasion.

In each set, you’ll find cards for birthdays, holidays, general greetings and hungover Sundays. Each design is blank on the inside, ready for your personal message.

For those who know like the card stock info, the details are:

  • A2 card size – 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches (108 x 140mm)
  • Cougar digital cover stock – 100# – ultra smooth, uncoated
  • 98 brightness balanced white shade
  • 10% post-consumer, Process Chlorine Free (PCF) and lignin-free fiber
  • Uncoated matte inside with exceptional ink holdout
  • Digitally printed and industry standard scoring and folding
  • Forest Stewardship Council certified

All the cards are matched with a smooth and sleek white envelope, printed with “Courtesy of Social Postmark” on the reverse.

The collection will then be gift-boxed in what promises to be a brilliantly designed box you’ll want to keep long after you’ve used all the cards.

Your Support Shall Be Rewarded. 

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, for the money you pledge you will be given a reward. Here’s a breakdown of the backer reward packages direct from Social Postmark:

LEVEL 1: SOCIALLY POSTAL ($20 or more)
The full set of 20 cards, envelopes and a box to hold them. The simplest way to show your love for analog communication and creativity.

LEVEL 2: THE BUDDY BUNDLE ($35 or more)
For when you have that friend who needs a push in the right direction to send more greeting cards. Two sets of 20 cards, envelopes and two boxes to hold them.

LEVEL 3: PROPAGANDA KIT ($50 or more)
You need to tell everyone about Social Postmark, comrade. A set of 20 cards, envelopes, a box, stickers, and an intentionally comfortable and stylish shirt. In addition to that, you’ll also get an exclusive letterpress printed “disruption” postcard. Embossed the old fashioned way, and designed to tell everyone in the motherland about a great new (old) way to send a message.

You don’t want to stop until a handwritten letter is in the hands of every person on the planet. This pack of eight sets of 20 cards, 20 envelopes and a box gets you well on your way to delivering cards to anyone in need. And because you love disrupting so much, we’ll go ahead and send you eight stickers as well, just to plaster anywhere you please.

You don’t just want to send the cards. You want to live the Social Postmark lifestyle. With the Social Ambassador Pack, you get eight packs of 20 cards, 20 envelopes and a box. But here’s the plus: Four of those eight packs will be a custom series of Social Postmark, designed exclusively by you. We’ll work with you to develop a series just for you, in the same style of the “Plain Talk” series. Want to feature personal family sayings? Done. What about quotes from your favourite teen drama movie? You got it. Baseball stats from 1985? Sure, if you’re into that sort of thing. We’ll create any set you desire (FYI: We still have to navigate trademark laws, so some sayings and themes we may be unable to execute. We’re hoping to wait until at least year three to get sued).

In addition to that, you’ll receive the Social Postmark sticker pack, an exclusive social ambassador t-shirt with your name on it, and get this: an executive style f*#@!$% stamp with your name on it, made right in Cincinnati at Hathaway Stamp and Identification.

But we’re not done. You also get your name on the social postmark website, your name printed on the back of every box of “Plain Talk” cards ordered on Kickstarter, and to top it off, a handwritten thank you letter from us to you.

Helping a Greeting Card Startup Get Started.

The manufacturing of these greeting cards will only go ahead if the Social Postmark team meet or surpass their $3000 goal.

In addition to fulfilling pledges and meeting minimum order requirements, the money contributed to their campaign will be used to help set the foundations for their greeting card startup. To establish trademarks, build an e-commerce website, secure boutique retail space and develop future card ranges for Social Postmark.

If you like real greeting cards, like what you see and want to help make this greeting card startup a reality please visit the Social Postmark Kickstarter page and make a pledge.

You can also find out more about the campaign at the Social Postmark website. (2017 update: sadly the website does not seem to be available at the moment).

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