New Clay Creations! Holy Mackerel’s Latest Greeting Cards

by | Jun 15, 2012 | Greeting Cards

it's twins greeting card

Adding the Clay Factor to Cards

Here in Leicestershire it’s been a bit of a grey and rainy day, so I felt the need to strike out, and focus today’s post on some bright cards that will lighten the mood going into the weekend – luckily I’ve been sent the perfect cards for such an occasion!

Fresh from their launch at the PG Live trade show, today’s gallery of greeting cards are new additions to Holy Mackerel’s ‘One Lump or Two’ and ‘Funny Olde Worlde’ collections. Designed by Artist Erica Sturla, the polymer clay creations always stand out from the crowd, whether celebrating delightfully modern occasions, or providing a humorous historical twist.

congratulations greeting card

mum and day anniversary greeting card

birthday card

ancient egyptian birthday greeting card

sherlock holmes birthday card

There are eight new ‘One Lump or Two’ designs, and six new ‘Funny Olde Worlde’ greeting cards. Retailing at £2.15 they are available to purchase from stockists nationwide and online from the Holy Mackerel website.

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