Hot Munkey Toys to Surprise & Delight Little Ones

by | Jan 10, 2011 | Gifts

Cute & Quirky Toys Will Surprise and Delight

I feel like I have eased myself into the New Year in a calm & casual way so it’s time to pack 2010 away and jump straight into looking at the new Cards & Gifts that will be coming our way in 2011.

hot munkey toy

There seemed no better place to start than on my Leicestershire-doorstep with the impossibly cute gifts of Hot Munkey.

hot munkey toy

Hot Munkey specialise in handmade, unique and above all quirky gifts. Today’s post features the bestselling Mutant Dolls. Handmade into hundreds of combinations, each one is a delightful mix of funky fabrics and fabulous facial expressions resulting in toy that is cute, scary or a mix of the two.

hot munkey one alied alient toy

Mutant Dolls are available in four sizes (small, medium, large and extra large) and come equipped with a sucker and key chain, enabling them to be stuck or attached to any place that needs their bold, bright charm whether that’s at home, at work or in your car.

hot munkey toy

Alongside the Mutant Dolls you’ll find a heap of designs in the collection, my personal favourite being ‘The Cutie Gang’ the range can be used as keyrings or bag charms. The cute critters are crafted from Hot Munkey’s endless supplies of fabrics and embellished with a heap of accessories like their monster relations the Mutant Dolls.

hot munkey devil monster toy

Available to purchase online at the Hot Munkey store Mutant Dolls are priced £4.95, £9.95, £14.95 and £19.95 depending on their size. Go grab one for yourself now.

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