Introducing Naughty Betty: Humorous Cards for Women

by | May 1, 2012 | Greeting Cards

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A couple of weeks ago we had a first look at new greeting card publisher¬†Windsor & Woolf; as well as producing their own fantastic card designs, Windsor & Woolf are also exclusively importing greeting cards from a number of independent American designers. Well, today is a chance to look a bit closer at one of those designers … Naughty Betty.

Based in Chicago, Naughty Betty’s female focused designs are going down a storm in America, and are sure to be equally popular here in the UK. The Naughty Betty team say it best; quite simply their greeting card designs focus on the ‘brutal truth, all prettied up’. A retro colour palette, stylish patterns, bold text, and humorous slogans are brought together to create a delightful collection that will brighten any rain-soaked day.

keep things under control greeting card

people as nice as you greeting card

skirted bathing suit greeting card

no longer living in sin wedding card

over scheduled and under chardonnayed greeting card

free wifi greeting card

Today’s featured greeting cards from Naughty Betty are available in the UK via Windsor and Woolf; retailing at ¬£2.50. To find out more please visit the Windsor and Woolf website. (2017 update: the website is not currently available).

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