Illustrated Mugs Give the Gift of Great Design Every Day

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Gifts

Fun Illustrated Mugs Brighten Every Day

McLaggan Smith Mugs is a family-run business based in Jamestown, a few miles from the shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland. Founded by Wally Smith in 1974, today the company his run by his wife Camille and Daughter Polly. Every week the small team at McLaggan Smith Mugs dispatch their Designer mugs all across the UK, and as far afield as Japan.

Currently their extensive collection of mugs are decorated with the artwork and illustrations of over 60 fabulous Designers; many who have appeared here on the blog over the years. Today’s gallery is a look at a few of my favourite additions from their latest collection of mugs. A mix of fun, cute, charming designs; great gifts and stocking fillers that can be enjoyed and appreciated every day.

illustrated mugs - bunny rabbit mug

illustrated mugs - back of bunny rabbit mug

illustrated mugs - be positive mug

illustrated mugs - tweet mug

illustrated mugs - #hashtag reverse of tweet mug

illustrated mugs - owl mug

illustrated mugs - reverse of owl mug

illustrated mugs - sausages dog mug

illustrated mugs - reverse of sausages dog mug

Where to Buy

Featured illustrated mugs: Fifi Lapin Fifi and Stella Mug, Be Positive Mug, Vicki Gausden Hashtag Tweet Mug, The Black Rabbit Owl Mug and Raw Xclusive Sausages Smooth Dashchund Mug. Designs retail at £8.00 each. To see more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the McLaggan Smith Mugs website.

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