Introducing the New Intelligent Mood Lights for Kids

A new high tech invention aims to put the difficultly of restless bedtimes to sleep once and for all. Playbulb Zoocoro is a brand new range of intelligent mood lights. With smart colour change lighting and a bluetooth speaker, providing the perfect sleeping environment to soothe your kids to sleep.

Difficulty getting your kids to sleep can be the result of several factors; over excitement, lack of confidence, separation anxiety, or even attention seeking. Any one of these (or a combination) can result in a tiring and stressful bedtime routine for kids and parents.

Playbulb Zoocoro Airwhale Speaker & Mood lights

Playbulb Zoocoro Airwhale Speaker & Mood Light

The Glow Company Playbulb Zoocoro Teddy Bear Mood Lights

Teddy Bear Intelligent Mood Light

In the past you may have spent days or weeks trying to get kids to go to bed each night without a fuss. Happily the Playbulb Zoocoro range of mood light speakers are designed to make these bedtime struggles a thing of the past; Saving tired parents a lot of stress and anguish.

The speaker lamps allow you to combine light and sounds to create the ultimate sleeping environment. A soothing colour change light is paired with your child’s favourite music or even e-stories. Each is controlled from the Playbulb X app; available free from the AppStore for Apple devices and Google Play for Android.

The Glow Company Playbulb Bear Mood Light

Customisable Bear Mood Light & Speaker Controlled by a Free App

Piggy Kid's Mood Lights & Speaker

Piggy Kid’s Mood Light & Speaker

The intelligent mood lights let you choose from five different lighting effects spanning the whole colour spectrum; providing a relaxing and distracting way to soothe your child. The mood lighting is then matched with a gentle lullaby or your child’s favourite songs & stories to create a comforting environment. Together the lights and sounds will calm and relax little ones as part of their night time routine.

With a timer function, you can set the Zoocoro to switch on at a pre-selected time and then switch off after a pre-determined amount of time, after your child has fallen asleep. The lamps can also be used as an alarm in the morning should you have the rare and joyous late sleeping child.

To delight your little ones the Playbulb Zoocoro isn’t just your standard boring mood light. The range offers intelligent mood lighting in pleasing character shapes kids will adore. Choose from a lovable teddy bear, piggy and airwhale; a unique design that will look great in your child’s bedroom.

Practical as well as pretty cool, the mood lights are rechargeable; offering three hours worth of music and four hours of light per charge, and a 10m wireless range.

Playbulb Zoocoro Airwhale Intelligent Mood Light

Airwhale Intelligent Mood Light

Find Out More

The Playbulb Zoocoro mood lights retail at £69.95 each. To find out more about the range please visit The Glow Company website.

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