Monochrome Greeting Cards from New Publisher Itsy Ditsy

by | Nov 17, 2010 | Greeting Cards

New Greeting Cards from a New Publisher

Itsy Ditsy is a shining and sparkling new company that launched at PG Live this year. Based in Sussex they create contemporary greetings cards of the highest calibre. Today we’ve got some images from their best selling ‘Snow Crystals’ range.

dandelion clock birthday card

With the weather turning and frost appearing on a daily basis here in the UK it seemed oddly appropriate to show this beautiful range of photographic flower cards with their sparkly, shimmery images. Ignore the cold and take a look at the pretty crystal-look.

black and white dandelion clock birthday card

Designer Sarah-Jane Covey is a seasoned flower photographer, which really shows in the images which combine strength and delicacy to give a bold and beautiful finished design. The strong use of black and white in these cards gives them a unique contemporary feel perfect as a modern birthday or occasion card.

monochrome floral birthday card

All cards are made from high quality, acid free and FSC approved board. Each greetings card has a co-ordinated envelope and cello-wrapping.

wishing you dandelion clock card

To find out more take a peek at the Itsy Ditsy website.

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