Jolly Christmas Cards Add the Fun Factor to Yuletide

by | Nov 30, 2011 | Christmas

Discover New Jolly Christmas Cards from Holy Mackerel

Today is all about adding some festive fun into Christmas with charming, jolly Christmas cards from Holy Mackerel. The first images are from the best-selling range ‘One Lump or Two’ by Artist Erica Sturla. Each card poses Erica’s polymer clay characters into a cute, festive setting; with genuine life and warmth in every figure they make a charming and occasionally cheeky addition to the Christmas fun. The ‘One Lump or Two’ collection has over 100 designs in total with 23 dedicated to Christmas celebrations. The final images are from the ‘Minimiam Christmas’ collection, where an assorted cast of mini people have interrupted the Christmas feast. The Holy Mackerel Christmas collection offers some delightful cards that will see you through the festive period with a smile.

jolly christmas cards- brilliant husband christmas card

jolly christmas cards- christmas card for mum

jolly christmas cards- christmas wedding card

jolly christmas cards - first christmas as a family card

jolly christmas cards - gay christmas time card

jolly christmas cards - christmas pudding card

jolly christmas cards - christmas yule log card

Where to Buy Jolly Christmas Cards

Jolly Christmas cards from ‘One Lump or Two’ and ‘Minimiam’ retail at £2.15 each. To see more, stock or purchase from the collection please visit the Holy Mackerel website.

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