Love Letters Are a Soft & Squishy Addition to Any Room

by | May 18, 2010 | Gifts

Love Letters Give a Home the Personal Touch

Nestled in the English countryside, on the Dorset and Somerset borders is the home of Jonny’s Sister and their charming gift line Love Letters. Giving beautiful fabrics a personal touch these soft & squishy designs are a personalised gift that is the perfect decoration for any home.

Letters come in a variety of fabrics including spots , checks and camouflage. Match your favourite room or mix and match a collection of ‘Love Letters’ to spell a favourite word or the name of that extra special person in your life.

Each of the Love Letters range is available in a variety of sizes. Small letters are perfectly proportioned to hang on door handles or bed posts. Standard sizes make a cute cushion or room decoration. Or treat yourself to a large letter, which measure close to a metre in height.

Every Love Letter is expertly hand made in England to the highest quality. For an extra special touch a collection of Luxury Love Letters is available using 100% Irish Linen or Scottish Merino Lambswool. Perfect for creating initials as a unique and personal gift for weddings, anniversaries or engagements.

Fabric Initial - B

Large Fabric Letters

Large Fabric Letters

Large Fabric Initials

Hanging Fabric Initial

Where to Buy

Prices start from £26.50 per letter. To find out more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Jonny’s Sister website.

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