Creativando Lauch Keith Haring Inspired Designs for Your Home.

Italian design studio Creativando has recently unveiled their latest collection. A range of homewares products decorated with the artwork of legendary American artist Keith Haring.

The idea of “art applied to everyday objects” is a fundamental part of the Creativando philosophy so it’s not surprising that their latest collection embraces this fully with the unique and memorable art of Keith Haring decorating everyday homewares.

Inspired by Keith Haring, protagonist of the 1980’s New York art scene, the homewares collection  is a perfect choice for those who appreciate beauty and love ideas that are out of the ordinary. A perfect gift idea for those who want to surprise with an unusual and cultured gift, the collection includes a variety of objects including clocks, vases and soft furnishings.

Each of the objects is designed to be special and unique, produced in Italy using high quality materials and celebrating the “great art of the great Keith Haring”.

Keith Haring -Circle clock in white

Cubolibre Men With Heart

About Creativando

Creativando was founded by Laura Ellero and Mauro Bassani. Sharing a passion for contemporary art and design, the pair decided to turn their hobby into a career and produce gift items and homewares, re-defined by the art they loved.

Inspired by the world around them, from a work of art to an everyday object, the pair elaborate, invent and experiment to design the perfect Creativando pieces.

Each initial idea is refined and developed through a series of drawings and then combined with different forms until they find the perfect combination. They explore a universe of materials and choose the ones they feel transmit real emotions of beauty, warmth, durability and safety. The aim is to create a unique object with an original story to tell.

Today Creativando distributes its products all over the world. Their company philosophy is simple, to unite creativity, artisan craftsmanship and passion to create wonderful everyday objects.

Creativando I Cuori Ceramic Angel in Black 39 euros

Creativando Men With Heart Vase 92 euros

Where to Buy

Featured items: Decorative Heart, € 39; Blanket, € 121.00; Large Vase € 92.00 and Clock, € 125.00.

To find out more, stock or purchase from the collection please visit the Creativando website.

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