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by | Feb 26, 2010 | Gifts

Handmade Ceramics Fresh From New York

Today we have beautiful hand made ceramics from artist Kim Westad. Each piece is created, one at a time, from hand-thrown porcelain in Kim’s New York studio.

ceramic vase

Above is a hand-thrown porcelain vase, with beautiful vine design. The vines are individually applied dots, slightly raised above the surface. The design is finished with a glossy, clear glaze. Perfect as a vase, display piece or a unique gift. Measuring 4″ wide x 9″ high, each vase retails at $120.

textured ceramic bowl

A unique work of art, made from one hand thrown bowl, this whirl bowl is enhanced with a pebble decoration. A wonderfully tactile piece, the curves of the bowl are highlighted by the raised accents of the pebbles and unglazed exterior of the bowl. Each bowl is glazed inside making it safe for use with foods or as a decorative item. Bowls measure approximately 5″ wide x 3″ high and retail at $52.

handmade ceramic vessel

This cute hand-thrown porcelain vessel, has a pebbled surface made of individually applied slip dots. Each dot sits raised above the surface, giving the design a unique feel. The white exterior is unglazed, with a choice of bright colour interiors available (shown below). Measuring approximately 5″ wide x 3.25″ high, with a 2.5″ opening. This design retails at $40.

textured ceramic vessels with colourful interiors

The final images today are Kim Westad’s whirl serving dish. Like all of Kim’s ceramics each whirl dish is hand crafted with the care and attention, that makes each one a work of art.

ceramic serving bowl

The whirl dish is finished with a glossy, clear, food safe glaze. Each dish measures approximately 6″ wide x 1.75″ high and retails at $72. A large version of the whirl dish is also available at $200.

ceramic serving bowl for snacks

To see the full collection visit the Kim Westad website.

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