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by | Nov 10, 2010 | Greeting Cards

Kissmekwik Launch New Drawn Ink Range

Today is all about the smart, funny and charming graphics of the Kissmekwik range ‘Drawn Ink’.

angela air hostess greeting card

Kissmekwik is a beloved and established company that has been going strong for a solid 12 years. Selling funny cards to the world they have been featured in the media on multiple occasions including pieces in The Face, The Guardian, Mail, Vogue and The Star and now Card & Gift Blog!

tina greeting card

A new range to the Kissmekwik portfolio, ‘Drawn Ink’ is pulled together from the IPC magazine archives, bringing to life 100 years of Great British comics and Illustrations to delight and amuse.

lion comic greeting card

‘Drawn Ink’ has 16 designs suitable for a variety of occasions. Each one retails at £2.00 an excellent price but buying in bulk via the Kissmekwik website means you’ll get an even bigger bargain with free UK delivery on online orders over £10.

valiant comic greeting card

As well as ‘Drawn Ink’ there are a host of funny cards, gifts and wrap allowing you to co-ordinate all of your shopping on one funky website. I’m happy to testify that the cards and gifts make fab presents … as I type my tea is resting on my very own Kissmekwik coaster, which makes me smile every time I see it.

To get purchasing Kissmekwik cards and gifts pop along to their website.

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