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by | Feb 14, 2012 | Gifts

ornate ceramic bowling pins with arms

Quirky Ceramics Will Brighten Up Your Home

Today’s gift ideas come from the amazing KRASZNAI. Founder Roger worked in the fields of sculpture, ceramics and technical architecture, before establishing his own studio and workshop in Badalona, near Barcelona. At the KRASZNAI studio everything is handmade, using artisan techniques to unleash the creative potential of ceramics. The ceramics shown today are captivating designs from Roger’s trademark ‘Arms & Crafts’ collection. A chance finding of a toy arm on the beach was the starting point for the range, back at the studio inspiration struck that arms could be attached to the ceramics and a collection began. With a simple aim to make you smile, ‘Arms & Crafts’ is a unique gift idea that draws you into the world of ceramics.

ornate ceramic milk carton with arms and legs

ornate ceramic bowl with arms and legs

ornate ceramic bowls with arms and legs

ornate ceramic vase with arms

ornate ceramic vase with arms

ornate ceramic vase with arms

ornate ceramic bowl with feet

ceramic cake tin with arms and legs

In a digital world, Roger is enthusiastic about making objects that take time to evolve. The ‘Arms & Crafts’ collection makes this a hugely appealing idea; with everything you could want from bowls, plates and mugs to a selection of vases and even bowling pins. Today’s featured gifts can be purchased from the KRASZNAI online shop at Supermarkethq. Prices for the designs shown range from $29 to $84 (prices in American Dollars).

To see the whole collection please  take a look at the Krasznai website.

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