Ten Lovely Ideas for Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

by | Feb 11, 2013 | Valentine's Day

Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts from the Best Designers and Makers

If you’re seeking last minute Valentines Day gifts, then today’s gift guide is for you. A selection of bright and beautiful ideas from the industry’s best designers and makers.

Personalised Engraved Love Pebble

last minute valentines day gifts - personalised pebbles

Show just how solid your love is with a message engraved in stone! These unique Love Pebbles combine a shiny metallic heart with the initials of your choice for a simple and sweet last minute valentines day gifts that can be treasured.

Personalised Engraved Love Pebble by Letterfest, £15.00.

Hearts Photo Album

heart print photo albumCreate a memory book of your love story with this cool heart print photo album.

Hearts Photo Album by Caroline Gardner, £26.00.

Valentine Duo Necklace

red and white bead necklace

Give the gift of jewellery with this unique valentine-themed necklace. A simple way your love token can be worn and remembered every day.

Valentine Duo Necklace by Poppy Sparkles, £19.00.

Love Makes the Ride Worthwhile

last minute valentines day gifts - love make the ride worthwhile framed art print

This unique typographic artwork is a sure fire way to ensure your love message is remembered long past Feb 14th, making it a staple part of your home.

Love Makes the Ride Worthwhile Print by Coulson Macleod from £75.00.


ornate indoor greenhouse planter

Sew the seeds of romance with a beautiful plant and the lovely Plantini Mini Hothouse. A longer lasting alternative to the usual bunch of roses.

Plantini Miniature Hothouse by Another Studio, £24.95.

Bespoke Map Heart

heart map print

Map your story of love with this personalised heart-shaped map. A great way to chart a special place in your romance; the location of your first date or your first home together, the possibilities are endless!

Framed Bespoke Map Heart by Bombus, from £45.00.

La Vie En Rose Mini Bath Bake

rose bath melt

Treat your valentine to a relaxing soak in the bath with a luxurious bath melt. It might be a small and simple treat but for busy working Valentines could anything be better?

La Vie En Rose Mini Bath Bake by Miss Patisserie, £4.50.

Personalised Print

last minute valentines day gifts - personalised bride and groom print

Document your romance with a unique couples print, personalised to your very own love story.

Personalised Print for couples by Charlotte Axworthy, £36.95.

Personalised Wooden Heart Decoration

bespoke map hanging heart

Add a touch of love to your home decor with this heart shaped map decoration, which can happily document the key places in your personal love story.

Personalised Wooden Heart Decoration, £10.00, by Grace and Favour.

Heart Jewellery Gift Set

last minute valentines day gifts - gold heart pendant and stud earring set

Let your Valentine where your heart everyday with this simple elegant heart jewellery set of necklace and earrings.

Gold Charmed Heart Jewellery Gift Set, £260.00, from Ella Georgia.

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