Last Minute Christmas Inspiration ~ Top 30 Gifts: Part 2

by | Dec 19, 2012 | Christmas

Top Gift Ideas for the Festive Season

If you’re still stuck for ideas on what to buy this festive season, don’t panic! Today’s gift guide is a little more last minute gift inspiration.

retro bunny plushes

Retro Bunny Plushes by Jane Foster Designs, $24.

woodland animal journal

Clear Skies Eco Journal by Boygirlparty, $11.

bird with crown ring

Bird King Ring by Rock Cakes, £145.

ornamental bowling pins with arms

Arms & Crafts Ceramic Bowling Pins by KRASZNAI, $69.

world's smallest post service stationery set

The World’s Smallest Post Service Kit by Leafcutter Designs, $20.

guitar shaped cushions

Guitar Cushion Plush Toys by Gabriela Pardo, £55.

pull a long dog on wheels

Dog on Wheels from Idyll Home, £47.

american racing drivers club print

Retro Car Print – American Racing Drivers Club by ModernPOP, $35.

leather bag and mens toiletries

Classic Male Grooming Gentleman’s Travel Bag by The Scottish Fine Soaps Company, £19.95.

wine gift box with chalkboard lid

Chalkboard Wine Gift Box from Sophia Victoria Joy, £14.95.

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