Handmade Greetings Cards for Folks with a Sweet Tooth

by | May 11, 2011 | Greeting Cards

Super Sweet Handmade Greeting Cards

Laura Cartwright is a digital artist, graphic designer and crafter based in the North-East of England. Today’s post features some impossibly sweet greeting cards from her collection.

ice cream greeting card

New for 2011 the range is ‘Sweet Treats’; a collection of twelve 3D cards that Laura has designed to sit alongside her artwork; selling at fairs, shows, exhibitions and online.

lolly pop greeting card

When designing a range of cards Laura bases the designs on a theme but keeps each design unique and to a limited print run. Like a mini work of art each limited edition greetings card is signed by Laura.

make cupcakes not war greeting card

I love the combination of cute slogans and bright graphics. The 3-Dimensional layers mean the sweet treats, such as cupcakes and ice creams stand out from the crisp white background and make a huge impact.

sweet thing ice cream greeting card

Each handmade card has 3D components created from high quality card stock, which are then mounted on a heavyweight, flat board. Cards are available to purchase online and ship worldwide; they retail at £3.00 (approx $5.00).

everything's better chocolate greeting card

To find out more about Laura’s artwork pop along to the Laura Cartwright website where you can see the whole collection and purchase.

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