Lino-Cut, Handmade Greeting Cards from Tess Hines Designs

by | Jun 13, 2012 | Greeting Cards

lino cut greeting card with bird design

Lino-Cut Greeting Cards & Prints for Every Occasion

Today’s gallery of images is from Designer-Maker Tess Hines, and her collection of handmade greeting cards and art prints. By day Tess is a Picture Researcher at an historical archive in London, and by night is crafting her own original unique prints, which are sold via her online shop. The designs are inspired not only by the found images from her day job, but are also strongly influenced by nature; florals, birds, shells and fossils can all be found as themes or textures within the prints.¬†Specialising in traditional lino-cut printing techniques, Tess carves each design by hand into a lino block, before printing with water-based inks onto a clean, white card stock or art board. I love the combination of texture and depth given by the lino-cut, and the silhouette-style design that is reminiscent of the papercut designs that have been hugely popular in the card and gift world over the last few years.

lino cut greeting card with cupcake design

lino cut greeting card with heart design

lino cut greeting card with floral design

lino cut greeting card

Featured greeting cards retail at £2.00 each, and the Oak Leaf and Heart print is £20.00. To see more or purchase any of these items please visit the Tess Hines Designs online shop.

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