Quirky Greeting Cards Deliver Laughs Fresh from Australia

by | Sep 17, 2010 | Greeting Cards

Fabulously Funny Greeting Cards from Australia

I’m always really pleased to hear from Card & Gift Blog readers and I was particularly excited this week to hear from the lovely Gillian Worrall of Look Mama!, who makes fab & funny cards that are stocked all over Australia. It’s very strange to think that my little blog has made it all across the virtual world and is getting visitors from Australia!!

funny greeting card

I really enjoyed searching through the cards on the Look Mama! website, they’re really charming and made me smile, so I’m really pleased that Gillian has sent us a small collection to show here.

funny greeting card

Look Mama! is a collection of creative folks getting together to have a laugh and make beautiful things – including lots of cute, printed cards. All the cards are designed and produced in Australia and distributed via independent bookstores, stationers, gift shops and even garden centres.

funny greeting card

Cards are available for birthdays and every occasion; as single designs or in themed sets all of the Look Mama! designs can be purchased from the Look Mama! online store. Potential stockists will also find details to pick up the collection on a wholesale basis.

funny greeting card

Individual designs retail at either $2 or $4 (prices are in Australian Dollars) and collections start from $20 for a set of 12 cards.

funny greeting card

To see the full collection take a virtual leap to Australia and check out the Look Mama! website.

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