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LovePop Cards Hit the UK!

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the 3D greetings cards of LovePop Cards. These delicate, handmade cards are the work of the businesses founders John Wise, Samantha Meisenheimer, and Wombi Rose. The cards were first dreamed up at Harvard Business School before being tested at the Harvard Card Shop. Today LovePop Cards are spreading across America and the world. I’m particularly happy they made it here to the UK so I can share them with you on the Card & Gift Network blog.

Before Harvard the origins of LovePop Cards can be traced back to the paper cards of Vietnam. On a trip to Vietnam, founder Wombi (a ship designer) fell in love with Vietnamese paper cards and the seed for LovePop was planted. Using his experience as an engineer Wombi teamed up with business graduate John and entrepreneur Samantha to build their own 3D card creations.

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Greeting Cards Doing Good

The LovePop Cards team aim to use their cards for good. A way to build and strengthen personal relationships in today’s busy, digital world. These pop up cards are designed to surprise and delight; a unique way to celebrate a special occasion. Each handmade card opens into an intricate 3D keepsake that can be treasured.

Alongside their stand-out 3D greetings cards, LovePop is also using their business to support the education of young Americans. The company has created the LovePop Leaders program, which gives students the opportunity to develop business skills while creating an extra income from selling the range. A fitting initiative for a card company that started life in a business school.

For today’s post I’ve got just a few examples from LovePop’s growing range.

lovepop cards ship card close-up

Where to Buy LovePop Cards

The featured cards retail between $8.00 and $15.00. To see the full collection and find out more about stocking or purchasing from the range please visit the LovePop Cards website.

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