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In our latest ‘Meet the Retailer’ interview we’re getting a sneak peek behind the scenes of luxury florist, Appleyard London. We caught up with Head of Marketing, Sam Quinn, who shared a look at the company, its origins, the inspiration behind its beautiful blooms and lots more. Read on for how this luxury florist aims to bring a little hand-tied luxury to the classic floral gift.

The Company: Luxury Florist Appleyard London

Tell us a little about your company. 

Appleyard London was born out of a passion for boutique floral design and provides beautiful bouquets for all occasions across the UK with delivery 7 days a week. We have a small team of experienced creative florists and a dedicated team of customer care professionals to ensure that your shopping experience is nothing short of perfect. We pride ourselves in our cutting edge floral designs for the home. Our florists are always on the lookout for exclusive new and rare species of flowers, on trend colours and are constantly evolving the Appleyard range. Couture is our signature collection and features our finest all-season bouquets. We create a new range for each season and calendar occasion using the highest quality seasonal flowers and have collections for birthdays, celebrations, romance and many more. A bouquet from Appleyard London is more than just flowers, it is hand-tied luxury.

When did you begin?

Appleyard London was created by businessman and entrepreneur, Tash Kahn, who spotted a gap in the market for luxury flower bouquets. Tash previously had his own florist in London which he grew and eventually sold. This was in 2012 when Appleyard was then born online.

The Team

What is your role in the business?

My role is the head of marketing. The best thing about my job is the variety of tasks I have and the range of areas I work in. Being the head of marketing, I am of course in charge of a team and I work with them on their respective channels. For instance, one day I can spend a lot of time with my colleague on email before then spending the next day working on our PPC campaign with the PPC manager. There is a lot of analytical decisions to be made and insights to explore and I enjoy all of this. Another aspect I enjoy is working closely with directors who have a strong vision as to where they want the company to be. It is my job to help deliver this.

Is there anyone else in the team? 

We have a great team here at Appleyard. From our finance team in Ian and Rich to our ever growing marketing team which consists also of 3 university interns; Abby, Oliver and Hannah who I’d like to give special mention to. They are with us for a year and have become important parts of the overall team. We then have channel managers who really help grow each respective channel. As a unit, we all work with and for the directors who are very involved in day to day operations.

A Day at Appleyard London

What is a typical day like at your business? 

A typical day in our business is ensuring we have the right products for the right occasions. Whether we are working towards our peak events like Valentines or Mother’s Day or looking to supply flowers for graduations, we have to ensure everything is in sync. From our florists to our marketing promotions and our online storefront, we really work towards a collective message.

What makes your shop special?

Well, we feel nobody supplies bouquets quite like us. We combine the highest standard of stems with expert floral design to create hand tied luxury. However, for all of this, we don’t price anyone out and we invite anyone, no matter what their background to shop with us and welcome some luxury into their life.

Who are your customers? 

Our customers are you, reading this. When you need a bouquet for your family member, friend or partner, we have the most wonderful flower arrangements for your occasion. Whether you need birthday flowers or flowers for Mother’s Day, we have something for everyone.

The Inspiration Behind the Bouquets

What inspires the product lines you choose? 

For us, the product line very much depends on the season, upcoming events and availability. For instance, in May, our main line is peonies; a highly popular stem which we incorporate into magnificent spectacles. Then at Valentine’s Day, our product line will be dominated by red rose bouquets as they symbolise love and affection.

Why do you like this area of retail?

One of the best things about floristry is the creativity and bespoke nature that comes with each arrangement. Our florists hand-tie our arrangements and each one is made with love and care. Then, season-on-season and range-on-range, we have something different to offer with each array evolving each time.

Tell us about your design style. 

Our store and website is very much based on a boutique stall that offers indulgent gifts. With a clean and classy feel, our site aims to give you a luxurious experience from start to finish.

The Luxury Flowers

What is your personal favourite product in your shop?

My favourite product would be Goddess. This highly popular product really conveys love and devotion without the usual 12 red roses. It has a stunning blend of Rhodes Roses and Sweet Avalanche Roses which combines deep reds with affectionate pinks.

luxury florist appleyard london - godess luxury flower bouquet

What are the most popular products in your current range?

Our summer range offers beautifully bright bouquets. My two favourites are Summer Coulis due to the variety of colour and Mojito because, who doesn’t love Sunflowers?

luxury florist appleyard london - summer coulis luxury flowers

luxury florist appleyard london - mojito luxury flower bouquet

What do you look for in the products you choose for your shop?

Our florist, Lauren Probert, who was the head florist for the 2012 London Olympic Games, tends to look for several things. Firstly, she looks at the availability of the freshest stems, always staying local where possible. Without fresh stems, bouquets will not last or portray their potential beauty.

Next, we look at what the customer wants by reading reviews and listening to requests. Finally, our growing brand is very popular so we analyse what our best sellers are and look to provide similar variations that we know our customers will love.

Do trends influence the products that you purchase?

Absolutely. In the summer, everyone wants Sunflowers, whereas at Valentine’s Day everyone loves red roses and we will always supply what is in demand. However, as a boutique florist with expert florists behind the scenes, we believe we have the ability to create products that our customers want, without them knowing exactly what they want. When they come to our site needing just a bouquet, we believe our offerings satisfy and exceed their requirements by providing them with pure luxury.

The Future for this Luxury Florist.

What would you like to do next with the business? 

We are now looking to expand into Europe. Following the Brexit results, we are reviewing this but our intention is to take the luxury florist overseas. We too are expanding our ranges and looking to give our customers even more choice.

What new products do you have planned for the future?

We have some exciting things planned. From artificial flowers to a more developed plant range, it’s truly an exciting time here at Appleyard.

Find Out More About Luxury Florist Appleyard London

Now you’ve read the interview why not take a closer look at the company. Visit the Appleyard London website.

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