Discover If Memory Bears Are the Keepsake For You.

Forever Memory Bears  handcraft ‘Memory Bears’, up-cycling cherished items of clothing to create a keepsake that can be treasured forever.

Created from many materials, a Memory Bear is a thoughtful keepsake gift that can commemorate a special event, mark a milestone or to remember a loved one.

Popular requests include baby clothes, outgrown children’s clothes, school uniforms, work uniforms, football & sports shirts, graduation gowns, wedding outfits, departed loved ones clothing and more.

Each of the memory bears is handmade in the UK. Creating a keepsake that is as unique and the memories they celebrate, meaning no two bears are ever the same.

Forever Memory Bears Childrens Clothes Forever

Forever Memory Bears Childrens Clothes Forever Side

Behind the Bears

Forever Memory Bears is a Hampshire-based business creating handmade Memory Bear keepsakes.

The idea for the company was inspired by a simple spring clean. Founders Kirsty & Wayne Whoriskey found themselves wrestling with the age old problem … what to keep and what to let go.

Despite being keen supporters of charity shops, like most parents, the pair struggled to part with some of the smaller things from when their daughter was a baby.

Rather than seem these precious items lost to a corner of the loft, they decided to create something new and searching for inspiration online came across the idea of memory bears.

That first perfect bear was a huge hit with family and friends, and from there Forever Memory Bears was born.

Forever Memory Bears Bunny

Forever Memory Bears Baby Clothes Forever Bear

Creating Each Individual Bear Gift

Each of the memory bears is custom-made to order and is individually handcrafted from the materials provided. Each bear is then delivered to in a gift box with its own certificate.

The craftsmanship of each bear has been perfected and now each one-of-a-kind memory bear takes between 5 and 8 hours to make by hand.

The most popular bears tend to be made from baby clothes or the clothing of departed loved ones. Each one tells a unique story and celebrates the memories contained in the fabrics used.

The bears can vary slightly depending on the materials used, but are generally 34cm tall (seated) and weigh approximately half a kilogram.

Each Forever Memory Bear is stuffed with recycled polyester fibre fill. The clothing required to create each memory bear ranges from 2-4 items of adult clothing to 7-9 items of newborn-sized apparel.

Forever Memory Bears Uniform Nurse Memory Bear

Forever Memory Bears In Loving Memory Bear

Where to Buy the Memory Bears.

The featured memory bears retail at £65.00 each and have a turnaround time of approximately 14 working days. To find out more or purchase please visit the Forever Memory Bears website.

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