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by | Mar 18, 2010 | Greeting Cards

Photographic Cards To Make You Laugh

MiiTribe is a brand new range of greetings cards from Seadragon Publishing. A photographic humour range inspired by music, fashion and culture from the last fifty years.

Elvis the Pelvis blank greeting card

Designs celebrate being part of a tribe. The clothes and music of your life, whether you’re an Elvis fan, punk or hippy. The clay characters are styled to perfection, with their rooms and pets embracing every aspect of their chosen tribe.

hippy tribe greeting card

For maximum choice the designs are available in four different formats. ‘On White’ lets the characters have all the glory and ‘Room Set’ shows them in their natural habitats. The ‘Humorous’ and ‘Birthday’ ranges combine funny, charming text with the images.

goth tribe greeting card

Each card retails at £1.95 and can be purchased directly from the Seadragon Publishing website. Trade buyers will also find full contact details to stock the range.

saturday night fever disco tribe greeting card

& please do take a look at more fab cards from Seadragon Publishing here on the blog.

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