Top Five Bath Bake Gifts from Miss Pattisserie

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Gifts

bath melt gift tin

Bath Gifts to Bake You Into Relaxation

Founded in 2009 by Charlotte Ridgwell, Miss Patisserie is a collection of amazing bath products, a great gift idea for beauty fans. Charlotte’s love of beauty and bath products, illustration, patisseries and boulangeries inspired her business and the creation of beautifully constructed ‘Bath Bakes’ in wonderfully illustrated packaging.

Originally sold at craft fairs and Charlotte’s local shops the business has now grown to be sold in boutiques across the world, and online from the Miss Patisserie website. All of the bath bakes are created in Cardiff, by an experienced team of Miss Patisserie ‘Chefs’, who mix, press, ice and decorate each item by hand. The team use natural ingredients such cocoa butter and Epsom salts, combined with amazing fragrances to create these extra special, luxurious gifts. In 2011 and 2013 bath products from the Miss Patisserie collection were shortlisted for ‘Gift of the Year’ awarded by the Giftware Association demonstrating the unique quality of the designs. Today’s gallery is a look at the Top Five best-selling gifts from the collection.

rose bath melt

bath melt gift tin

bath melt

bath melt

bath melt gift box

Featured gifts: Madame Bubbles Gift Tin, £15.50; La Vie En Rose Mini Bath Bake, £4.50; Macaroon Gift Tin, £18.50; Lily of the Valleys Mini Bath Bake, £4.50; Rosie Mini Bath Bake, £4.50 and an example of the Miss Patisserie gift packaging. Miss Patisserie are firm supporters of animal welfare and ensure none of their ingredients are tested on animals. To find out more or purchase any of the items featured today please visit the Miss Patisserie website.

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