Greeting Cards from Monkey Boo Designs

Discover the Magical World of Monkey Boo

Today’s blog post is a closer look at some impossibly cute greeting cards that have made there way to Card & Gift Network HQ. Opening with the charming picture of Pumpkin Cottage, the images are a small selection of the latest greetings cards from Monkey Boo Designs. Based on the magical illustrations of renowned artist Emma Vallis, the cards are from two ranges: ‘For the Love of’ and ‘Pixie Properties’.

First card images are from ‘Pixie Properties’ a brand new range giving a sneak peek into the hidden world of fairies and pixies. Focusing on Emma’s intricate designs, the cards offer charming, whimsical worlds created in soft inks and watercolours. Perfectly matching the mini works of art, the 150mm square cards are printed on a luxury, heavy weight board.

The next images are from the ‘For the love of’ greeting cards series. Bringing to life everyday passions the cards feature a variety of illustrations from frogs to fairies and bunnies to baking. Celebrating all the good things in life this range aims to have a card design for everyone. With each passion recreated in Emma’s hugely detailed, artistic style. The ‘For love of’ cards measure 170mm x 120mm and are printed on a high quality 300gsm card.

Greeting Cards from Monkey Boo Designs

Greeting Cards from Monkey Boo Designs

Gnomes Greeting Cards from Monkey Boo

Garden Greeting Cards from Monkey Boo

Chickens Greeting Cards from Monkey Boo

Dragons Greeting Cards from Monkey Boo

Featured greetings cards retail at: ‘For the love of’, £1.99 – £2.25 ‘Pixie Properties’, £2.49 – £2.75. Cards are available direct from Monkey Boo Designs and independent stockists nationwide. For more information please visit the Monkey Boo Designs Facebook page.

If you have a new range of greetings cards to show off to the Card & Gift Network community? Get in touch!

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