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National Thinking of You Week Has Arrived.

While I normally leave news announcements to the trade press I did want to highlight one upcoming card-giving event. The Greeting Card Association (GCA) has recently announced the launch of National Thinking of You Week. To be held between the 22nd and 28th September, the occasion will be dedicated to highlighting the emotional power of sending and receiving greeting cards. The aim behind National Thinking of You Week is to create a wave of  happiness across the UK … not a bad idea I hope you’ll agree!

Sharon Little, GCA CEO, pointed out: “We are all so lucky to be involved with a product which spreads so much happiness and support. We in the industry know that cards create a positive boost and it’s now been scientifically proven that they do just this. Receiving a handwritten card is far more meaningful and makes people feel much more special than receiving texts, emails or facebook messages. And it feels really good to send them too!”

GCA National Thinking of You Week

As you can see from the official flyer (shown above) getting involved is easy. Simply send 7 cards during the week and encourage friends, colleagues and your customers to do the same. Reach out to your friends and family with a nice card and few words to make them smile.

If you want to take part a full National Thinking of You Week toolkit can be downloaded from the GCA website. The eye-catching toolkit has been designed by calligrapher Mike Burgin of GBCC. Each kit has flyers, posters and everything you need to create and promote your own event. As an added incentive the GCA will be awarding prizes for Best Event and Best Window Display. Photos and event listings can be posted via Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #ThinkingOfYou, #KeepBritainHappy. Don’t forget to copy in @cardgiftnetwork and @GCAUK on your tweets so we can ReTweet and help get your event noticed.

With the countdown to National Thinking of You Week fast approaching I hope you like the idea and encourage you to find out more and get involved.

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